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PLIGHT: A tool to assess privacy risk by inferring identifying characteristics from sparse, noisy genotypes
PS Emani, G Gursoy, AD Miranker, M Gerstein (2021). bioRxiv.

Discovering a less-is-more effect to select transcription factor binding sites informative for motif inference
Jinrui Xu, Jiahao Gao, Mark Gerstein (2021). bioRxiv.

Network Propagation-based Prioritization of Long Tail Genes in 17 Cancer Types
H Mohsen, V Gunasekharan, T Qing, M Seay, Y Surovtseva, S Negahban, Z Szallasi, L Pusztai, M Gerstein (2021). bioRxiv.

Genetic determination of regional connectivity in modelling the spread of COVID-19 outbreak for improved mitigation strategies
L Salichos, J Warrell, H Cevasco, A Chung, M Gerstein (2021). bioRxiv.

DECODE: A Deep-learning Framework for Condensing Enhancers and Refining Boundaries with Large-scale Functional Assays
Z Chen, J Zhang, J Liu, Y Dai, D Lee, MR Min, M Xu, M Gerstein (2021). bioRxiv.

Non-adaptive factors determine which equally effective regulatory motif evolves to generate pulses
K Xiong, M Gerstein, J Masel (2020). bioRxiv.

Recovering genomes and phenotypes using allele-specific gene expression
G Gursoy, N Lu, S Wagner, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

Privacy-preserving genotype imputation with fully homomorphic encryption
G Gursoy, E Chielle, C Brannon, M Maniatakos, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

Storing and analyzing a genome on a blockchain
G Gursoy, C Brannon, S Wagner, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

LESSeq: Local event-based analysis of alternative splicing using RNA-Seq data
J Leng, CJF Cameron, S Oh, E Khurana, JP Noonan, MB Gerstein (2019). bioRxiv.

Compression-based Network Interpretability Schemes
J Warrell, H Mohsen, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

Latent Evolutionary Signatures: A General Framework for Analyzing Music and Cultural Evolution
J Warrell, L Salichos, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

-- 2021 (7) --

Establishing a Global Standard for Wearable Devices in Sport and Exercise Medicine: Perspectives from Academic and Industry Stakeholders.
GI Ash, M Stults-Kolehmainen, MA Busa, AE Gaffey, K Angeloudis, B Muniz-Pardos, R Gregory, RA Huggins, NS Redeker, SA Weinzimer, LA Grieco, K Lyden, E Megally, I Vogiatzis, L Scher, X Zhu, JS Baker, C Brandt, MS Businelle, LM Fucito, S Griggs, R Jarrin, BJ Mortazavi, T Prioleau, W Roberts, EK Spanakis, LM Nally, A Debruyne, N Bachl, F Pigozzi, F Halabchi, DA Ramagole, DC Janse van Rensburg, B Wolfarth, C Fossati, S Rozenstoka, K Tanisawa, M Borjesson, JA Casajus, A Gonzalez-Aguero, I Zelenkova, J Swart, G Gursoy, W Meyerson, J Liu, D Greenbaum, YP Pitsiladis, MB Gerstein (2021). Sports Med.

Bayesian structural time series for biomedical sensor data: A flexible modeling framework for evaluating interventions.
J Liu, DJ Spakowicz, GI Ash, R Hoyd, R Ahluwalia, A Zhang, S Lou, D Lee, J Zhang, C Presley, A Greene, M Stults-Kolehmainen, LM Nally, JS Baker, LM Fucito, SA Weinzimer, AV Papachristos, M Gerstein (2021). PLoS Comput Biol 17: e1009303.

Whole-genome sequencing of phenotypically distinct inflammatory breast cancers reveals similar genomic alterations to non-inflammatory breast cancers.
X Li, S Kumar, A Harmanci, S Li, RR Kitchen, Y Zhang, VB Wali, SM Reddy, WA Woodward, JM Reuben, J Rozowsky, C Hatzis, NT Ueno, S Krishnamurthy, L Pusztai, M Gerstein (2021). Genome Med 13: 70.

Gene Tracer: A smart, interactive, voice-controlled Alexa skill for gene information retrieval and browsing, mutation annotation, and network visualization.
S Lou, T Li, J Liu, M Gerstein (2021). Bioinformatics.

SCAN-ATAC-Sim: a scalable and efficient method for simulating single-cell ATAC-seq data from bulk-tissue experiments.
Z Chen, J Zhang, J Liu, Z Zhang, J Zhu, D Lee, M Xu, M Gerstein (2021). Bioinformatics.

Molecular medicine tumor board: whole-genome sequencing to inform on personalized medicine for a man with advanced prostate cancer.
AJ Armstrong, X Li, M Tucker, S Li, XJ Mu, KW Eng, A Sboner, M Rubin, M Gerstein (2021). Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 24: 786-793.

Quantum computing at the frontiers of biological sciences.
PS Emani, J Warrell, A Anticevic, S Bekiranov, M Gandal, MJ McConnell, G Sapiro, A Aspuru-Guzik, JT Baker, M Bastiani, JD Murray, SN Sotiropoulos, J Taylor, G Senthil, T Lehner, MB Gerstein, AW Harrow (2021). Nat Methods 18: 701-709.

-- 2020 (41) --

Germline variant burden in cancer genes correlates with age at diagnosis and somatic mutation burden.
T Qing, H Mohsen, M Marczyk, Y Ye, T O'Meara, H Zhao, JP Townsend, M Gerstein, C Hatzis, Y Kluger, L Pusztai (2020). Nat Commun 11: 2438.

To mock or not: a comprehensive comparison of mock IP and DNA input for ChIP-seq.
J Xu, MM Kudron, A Victorsen, J Gao, HN Ammouri, FCP Navarro, L Gevirtzman, RH Waterston, KP White, V Reinke, M Gerstein (2020). Nucleic Acids Res 49: e17.

Weight-based Neural Network Interpretability using Activation Tuning and Personalized Products
H Mohsen, J Warrell, MR Min, S Negahban, M Gerstein (2020). The 15th Machine Learning in Computational Biology Workshop.

STARRPeaker: uniform processing and accurate identification of STARR-seq active regions.
D Lee, M Shi, J Moran, M Wall, J Zhang, J Liu, D Fitzgerald, Y Kyono, L Ma, KP White, M Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 298.

A Frankish, M Diekhans, I Jungreis, J Lagarde, JE Loveland, JM Mudge, C Sisu, JC Wright, J Armstrong, I Barnes, A Berry, A Bignell, C Boix, S Carbonell Sala, F Cunningham, T Di Domenico, S Donaldson, IT Fiddes, C Garcia Giron, JM Gonzalez, T Grego, M Hardy, T Hourlier, KL Howe, T Hunt, OG Izuogu, R Johnson, FJ Martin, L Martinez, S Mohanan, P Muir, FCP Navarro, A Parker, B Pei, F Pozo, FC Riera, M Ruffier, BM Schmitt, E Stapleton, MM Suner, I Sycheva, B Uszczynska-Ratajczak, MY Wolf, J Xu, YT Yang, A Yates, D Zerbino, Y Zhang, JS Choudhary, M Gerstein, R Guigo, TJP Hubbard, M Kellis, B Paten, ML Tress, P Flicek (2020). Nucleic Acids Res 49: D916-D923.

Predicting changes in protein thermodynamic stability upon point mutation with deep 3D convolutional neural networks.
B Li, YT Yang, JA Capra, MB Gerstein (2020). PLoS Comput Biol 16: e1008291.

Data Sanitization to Reduce Private Information Leakage from Functional Genomics.
G Gursoy, P Emani, CM Brannon, OA Jolanki, A Harmanci, JS Strattan, JM Cherry, AD Miranker, M Gerstein (2020). Cell 183: 905-917e16.

SVFX: a machine learning framework to quantify the pathogenicity of structural variants.
S Kumar, A Harmanci, J Vytheeswaran, MB Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 274.

NIMBus: a negative binomial regression based Integrative Method for mutation Burden Analysis.
J Zhang, J Liu, P McGillivray, C Yi, L Lochovsky, D Lee, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 474.

Latent-space embedding of expression data identifies gene signatures from sputum samples of asthmatic patients.
S Lou, T Li, D Spakowicz, X Yan, GL Chupp, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 457.

Moving beyond buzzwords
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2020). Science. 370 (6513):178.

Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samples.
MH Bailey, WU Meyerson, LJ Dursi, LB Wang, G Dong, WW Liang, A Weerasinghe, S Li, Y Li, S Kelso, MC3 Working Group, PCAWG novel somatic mutation calling methods working group, G Saksena, K Ellrott, MC Wendl, DA Wheeler, G Getz, JT Simpson, MB Gerstein, L Ding, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4748.

Predicting the frequencies of drug side effects.
D Galeano, S Li, M Gerstein, A Paccanaro (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4575.

Sex differences in oncogenic mutational processes.
CH Li, SD Prokopec, RX Sun, F Yousif, N Schmitz, PCAWG Tumour Subtypes and Clinical Translation, PC Boutros, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4330.

Cyclic and Multilevel Causation in Evolutionary Processes
J Warrell, M Gerstein (2020). Biology & Philosophy, 35(5), pp.1-36.

Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes.
ENCODE Project Consortium, JE Moore, MJ Purcaro, HE Pratt, CB Epstein, N Shoresh, J Adrian, T Kawli, CA Davis, A Dobin, R Kaul, J Halow, EL Van Nostrand, P Freese, DU Gorkin, Y Shen, Y He, M Mackiewicz, F Pauli-Behn, BA Williams, A Mortazavi, CA Keller, XO Zhang, SI Elhajjajy, J Huey, DE Dickel, V Snetkova, X Wei, X Wang, JC Rivera-Mulia, J Rozowsky, J Zhang, SB Chhetri, J Zhang, A Victorsen, KP White, A Visel, GW Yeo, CB Burge, E Lecuyer, DM Gilbert, J Dekker, J Rinn, EM Mendenhall, JR Ecker, M Kellis, RJ Klein, WS Noble, A Kundaje, R Guigo, PJ Farnham, JM Cherry, RM Myers, B Ren, BR Graveley, MB Gerstein, LA Pennacchio, MP Snyder, BE Bernstein, B Wold, RC Hardison, TR Gingeras, JA Stamatoyannopoulos, Z Weng (2020). Nature 583: 699-710.

Perspectives on ENCODE.
ENCODE Project Consortium, MP Snyder, TR Gingeras, JE Moore, Z Weng, MB Gerstein, B Ren, RC Hardison, JA Stamatoyannopoulos, BR Graveley, EA Feingold, MJ Pazin, M Pagan, DA Gilchrist, BC Hitz, JM Cherry, BE Bernstein, EM Mendenhall, DR Zerbino, A Frankish, P Flicek, RM Myers (2020). Nature 583: 693-698.

An integrative ENCODE resource for cancer genomics.
J Zhang, D Lee, V Dhiman, P Jiang, J Xu, P McGillivray, H Yang, J Liu, W Meyerson, D Clarke, M Gu, S Li, S Lou, J Xu, L Lochovsky, M Ung, L Ma, S Yu, Q Cao, A Harmanci, KK Yan, A Sethi, G Gursoy, MR Schoenberg, J Rozowsky, J Warrell, P Emani, YT Yang, T Galeev, X Kong, S Liu, X Li, J Krishnan, Y Feng, JC Rivera-Mulia, J Adrian, JR Broach, M Bolt, J Moran, D Fitzgerald, V Dileep, T Liu, S Mei, T Sasaki, C Trevilla-Garcia, S Wang, Y Wang, C Zang, D Wang, RJ Klein, M Snyder, DM Gilbert, K Yip, C Cheng, F Yue, XS Liu, KP White, M Gerstein (2020). Nat Commun 11: 3696.

Transcriptional activity and strain-specific history of mouse pseudogenes.
C Sisu, P Muir, A Frankish, I Fiddes, M Diekhans, D Thybert, DT Odom, P Flicek, TM Keane, T Hubbard, J Harrow, M Gerstein (2020). Nat Commun 11: 3695.

RADAR: annotation and prioritization of variants in the post-transcriptional regulome of RNA-binding proteins.
J Zhang, J Liu, D Lee, JJ Feng, L Lochovsky, S Lou, M Rutenberg-Schoenberg, M Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 151.

Supervised enhancer prediction with epigenetic pattern recognition and targeted validation.
A Sethi, M Gu, E Gumusgoz, L Chan, KK Yan, J Rozowsky, I Barozzi, V Afzal, JA Akiyama, I Plajzer-Frick, C Yan, CS Novak, M Kato, TH Garvin, Q Pham, A Harrington, BJ Mannion, EA Lee, Y Fukuda-Yuzawa, A Visel, DE Dickel, KY Yip, R Sutton, LA Pennacchio, M Gerstein (2020). Nat Methods 17: 807-814.

FANCY: fast estimation of privacy risk in functional genomics data.
G Gursoy, CM Brannon, FCP Navarro, M Gerstein (2020). Bioinformatics 36: 5145-5150.

Using blockchain to log genome dataset access: efficient storage and query.
G Gursoy, R Bjornson, ME Green, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Med Genomics 13: 78.

Using sigLASSO to optimize cancer mutation signatures jointly with sampling likelihood.
S Li, FW Crawford, MB Gerstein (2020). Nat Commun 11: 3575.

DiNeR: a Differential graphical model for analysis of co-regulation Network Rewiring.
J Zhang, J Liu, D Lee, S Lou, Z Chen, G Gursoy, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 281.

Approaches for integrating heterogeneous RNA-seq data reveal cross-talk between microbes and genes in asthmatic patients.
D Spakowicz, S Lou, B Barron, JL Gomez, T Li, Q Liu, N Grant, X Yan, R Hoyd, G Weinstock, GL Chupp, M Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 150.

TopicNet: a framework for measuring transcriptional regulatory network change.
S Lou, T Li, X Kong, J Zhang, J Liu, D Lee, M Gerstein (2020). Bioinformatics 36: i474-i481.

Epigenome-based splicing prediction using a recurrent neural network.
D Lee, J Zhang, J Liu, M Gerstein (2020). PLoS Comput Biol 16: e1008006.

Origins and characterization of variants shared between databases of somatic and germline human mutations.
W Meyerson, J Leisman, FCP Navarro, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 227.

Using Ethereum blockchain to store and query pharmacogenomics data via smart contracts.
G Gursoy, CM Brannon, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Med Genomics 13: 74.

The corrected gene proximity map for analyzing the 3D genome organization using Hi-C data.
C Ye, A Paccanaro, M Gerstein, KK Yan (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 222.

Dermal Adipocyte Lipolysis and Myofibroblast Conversion Are Required for Efficient Skin Repair.
BA Shook, RR Wasko, O Mano, M Rutenberg-Schoenberg, MC Rudolph, B Zirak, GC Rivera-Gonzalez, F Lopez-Giraldez, S Zarini, A Rezza, DA Clark, M Rendl, MD Rosenblum, MB Gerstein, V Horsley (2020). Cell Stem Cell 26: 880-895e6.

Estimation of the carrier frequency of fumarate hydratase alterations and implications for kidney cancer risk in hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cancer.
B Shuch, S Li, H Risch, RS Bindra, PD McGillivray, M Gerstein (2020). Cancer 126: 3657-3666.

Comparing Technological Development and Biological Evolution from a Network Perspective.
KK Yan, D Wang, K Xiong, M Gerstein (2020). Cell Syst 10: 219-222.

Passenger Mutations in More Than 2,500 Cancer Genomes: Overall Molecular Functional Impact and Consequences.
S Kumar, J Warrell, S Li, PD McGillivray, W Meyerson, L Salichos, A Harmanci, A Martinez-Fundichely, CWY Chan, MM Nielsen, L Lochovsky, Y Zhang, X Li, S Lou, JS Pedersen, C Herrmann, G Getz, E Khurana, MB Gerstein (2020). Cell 180: 915-927e16.

The Development of a Practical Artificial Intelligence Tool for Diagnosing and Evaluating Autism Spectrum Disorder: Multicenter Study.
T Chen, Y Chen, M Yuan, M Gerstein, T Li, H Liang, T Froehlich, L Lu (2020). JMIR Med Inform 8: e15767.

Establishing a Global Standard for Wearable Devices in Sport and Fitness: Perspectives from the New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Members.
GI Ash, M Stults-Kolehmainen, MA Busa, R Gregory, CE Garber, J Liu, M Gerstein, JA Casajus, A Gonzalez-Aguero, D Constantinou, M Geistlinger, FM Guppy, F Pigozzi, YP Pitsiladis (2020). Curr Sports Med Rep 19: 45-49.

Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes.
ICGC/TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes Consortium (2020). Nature 578: 82-93.

Analyses of non-coding somatic drivers in 2,658 cancer whole genomes.
E Rheinbay, MM Nielsen, F Abascal, JA Wala, O Shapira, G Tiao, H Hornshj, JM Hess, RI Juul, Z Lin, L Feuerbach, R Sabarinathan, T Madsen, J Kim, L Mularoni, S Shuai, A Lanzos, C Herrmann, YE Maruvka, C Shen, SB Amin, P Bandopadhayay, J Bertl, KA Boroevich, J Busanovich, J Carlevaro-Fita, D Chakravarty, CWY Chan, D Craft, P Dhingra, K Diamanti, NA Fonseca, A Gonzalez-Perez, Q Guo, MP Hamilton, NJ Haradhvala, C Hong, K Isaev, TA Johnson, M Juul, A Kahles, A Kahraman, Y Kim, J Komorowski, K Kumar, S Kumar, D Lee, KV Lehmann, Y Li, EM Liu, L Lochovsky, K Park, O Pich, ND Roberts, G Saksena, SE Schumacher, N Sidiropoulos, L Sieverling, N Sinnott-Armstrong, C Stewart, D Tamborero, JMC Tubio, HM Umer, L Uuskula-Reimand, C Wadelius, L Wadi, X Yao, CZ Zhang, J Zhang, JE Haber, A Hobolth, M Imielinski, M Kellis, MS Lawrence, C von Mering, H Nakagawa, BJ Raphael, MA Rubin, C Sander, LD Stein, JM Stuart, T Tsunoda, DA Wheeler, R Johnson, J Reimand, M Gerstein, E Khurana, PJ Campbell, N Lopez-Bigas, PCAWG Drivers and Functional Interpretation Working Group, PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group, J Weischenfeldt, R Beroukhim, I Martincorena, JS Pedersen, G Getz, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nature 578: 102-111.

Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes identifies driver rearrangements promoted by LINE-1 retrotransposition.
B Rodriguez-Martin, EG Alvarez, A Baez-Ortega, J Zamora, F Supek, J Demeulemeester, M Santamarina, YS Ju, J Temes, D Garcia-Souto, H Detering, Y Li, J Rodriguez-Castro, A Dueso-Barroso, AL Bruzos, SC Dentro, MG Blanco, G Contino, D Ardeljan, M Tojo, ND Roberts, S Zumalave, PAW Edwards, J Weischenfeldt, M Puiggros, Z Chong, K Chen, EA Lee, JA Wala, K Raine, A Butler, SM Waszak, FCP Navarro, SE Schumacher, J Monlong, F Maura, N Bolli, G Bourque, M Gerstein, PJ Park, DC Wedge, R Beroukhim, D Torrents, JO Korbel, I Martincorena, RC Fitzgerald, P Van Loo, HH Kazazian, KH Burns, PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group, PJ Campbell, JMC Tubio, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nat Genet 52: 306-319.

Estimating growth patterns and driver effects in tumor evolution from individual samples.
L Salichos, W Meyerson, J Warrell, M Gerstein (2020). Nat Commun 11: 732.

-- 2019 (19) --

Evaluation of 16S rRNA gene sequencing for species and strain-level microbiome analysis.
JS Johnson, DJ Spakowicz, BY Hong, LM Petersen, P Demkowicz, L Chen, SR Leopold, BM Hanson, HO Agresta, M Gerstein, E Sodergren, GM Weinstock (2019). Nat Commun 10: 5029.

Hierarchical PAC-Bayes Bounds via Deep Probabilistic Programming
J Warrell, MB Gerstein (2019). Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop at NeurIPS.

Pollen-derived RNAs Are Found in the Human Circulation.
M Koupenova, E Mick, HA Corkrey, A Singh, SE Tanriverdi, O Vitseva, D Levy, AM Keeler, M Ezzaty Mirhashemi, MK ElMallah, M Gerstein, J Rozowsky, K Tanriverdi, JE Freedman (2019). iScience 19: 916-926.

GRAM: A GeneRAlized Model to predict the molecular effect of a non-coding variant in a cell-type specific manner.
S Lou, KA Cotter, T Li, J Liang, H Mohsen, J Liu, J Zhang, S Cohen, J Xu, H Yu, MA Rubin, M Gerstein (2019). PLoS Genet 15: e1007860.

Leveraging protein dynamics to identify cancer mutational hotspots using 3D structures.
S Kumar, D Clarke, MB Gerstein (2019). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116: 18962-18970.

Sharing data
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2019). Science 365 (6455):764.

TeXP: Deconvolving the effects of pervasive and autonomous transcription of transposable elements.
FC Navarro, J Hoops, L Bellfy, E Cerveira, Q Zhu, C Zhang, C Lee, MB Gerstein (2019). PLoS Comput Biol 15: e1007293.

A Single-Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of Human Neocortical Development during Mid-gestation.
D Polioudakis, L de la Torre-Ubieta, J Langerman, AG Elkins, X Shi, JL Stein, CK Vuong, S Nichterwitz, M Gevorgian, CK Opland, D Lu, W Connell, EK Ruzzo, JK Lowe, T Hadzic, FI Hinz, S Sabri, WE Lowry, MB Gerstein, K Plath, DH Geschwind (2019). Neuron 103: 785-801e8.

Building a Hybrid Physical-Statistical Classifier for Predicting the Effect of Variants Related to Protein-Drug Interactions.
B Wang, C Yan, S Lou, P Emani, B Li, M Xu, X Kong, W Meyerson, YT Yang, D Lee, M Gerstein (2019). Structure 27: 1469-1481e3.

Genomics and data science: an application within an umbrella.
FCP Navarro, H Mohsen, C Yan, S Li, M Gu, W Meyerson, M Gerstein (2019). Genome Biol 20: 109.

Multi-platform discovery of haplotype-resolved structural variation in human genomes.
MJP Chaisson, AD Sanders, X Zhao, A Malhotra, D Porubsky, T Rausch, EJ Gardner, OL Rodriguez, L Guo, RL Collins, X Fan, J Wen, RE Handsaker, S Fairley, ZN Kronenberg, X Kong, F Hormozdiari, D Lee, AM Wenger, AR Hastie, D Antaki, T Anantharaman, PA Audano, H Brand, S Cantsilieris, H Cao, E Cerveira, C Chen, X Chen, CS Chin, Z Chong, NT Chuang, CC Lambert, DM Church, L Clarke, A Farrell, J Flores, T Galeev, DU Gorkin, M Gujral, V Guryev, WH Heaton, J Korlach, S Kumar, JY Kwon, ET Lam, JE Lee, J Lee, WP Lee, SP Lee, S Li, P Marks, K Viaud-Martinez, S Meiers, KM Munson, FCP Navarro, BJ Nelson, C Nodzak, A Noor, S Kyriazopoulou-Panagiotopoulou, AWC Pang, Y Qiu, G Rosanio, M Ryan, A Stutz, DCJ Spierings, A Ward, AE Welch, M Xiao, W Xu, C Zhang, Q Zhu, X Zheng-Bradley, E Lowy, S Yakneen, S McCarroll, G Jun, L Ding, CL Koh, B Ren, P Flicek, K Chen, MB Gerstein, PY Kwok, PM Lansdorp, GT Marth, J Sebat, X Shi, A Bashir, K Ye, SE Devine, ME Talkowski, RE Mills, T Marschall, JO Korbel, EE Eichler, C Lee (2019). Nat Commun 10: 1784.

exceRpt: A Comprehensive Analytic Platform for Extracellular RNA Profiling.
J Rozowsky, RR Kitchen, JJ Park, TR Galeev, J Diao, J Warrell, W Thistlethwaite, SL Subramanian, A Milosavljevic, M Gerstein (2019). Cell Syst 8: 352-357e3.

exRNA Atlas Analysis Reveals Distinct Extracellular RNA Cargo Types and Their Carriers Present across Human Biofluids.
OD Murillo, W Thistlethwaite, J Rozowsky, SL Subramanian, R Lucero, N Shah, AR Jackson, S Srinivasan, A Chung, CD Laurent, RR Kitchen, T Galeev, J Warrell, JA Diao, JA Welsh, K Hanspers, A Riutta, S Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, RV Shah, A Yeri, LM Jenkins, ME Ahsen, C Cordon-Cardo, N Dogra, SM Gifford, JT Smith, G Stolovitzky, AK Tewari, BH Wunsch, KK Yadav, KM Danielson, J Filant, C Moeller, P Nejad, A Paul, B Simonson, DK Wong, X Zhang, L Balaj, R Gandhi, AK Sood, RP Alexander, L Wang, C Wu, DTW Wong, DJ Galas, K Van Keuren-Jensen, T Patel, JC Jones, S Das, KH Cheung, AR Pico, AI Su, RL Raffai, LC Laurent, ME Roth, MB Gerstein, A Milosavljevic (2019). Cell 177: 463-477e15.

The Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium: Establishing Foundational Knowledge and Technologies for Extracellular RNA Research.
S Das, Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium, KM Ansel, M Bitzer, XO Breakefield, A Charest, DJ Galas, MB Gerstein, M Gupta, A Milosavljevic, MT McManus, T Patel, RL Raffai, J Rozowsky, ME Roth, JA Saugstad, K Van Keuren-Jensen, AM Weaver, LC Laurent (2019). Cell 177: 231-242.

Shaping the nebulous enhancer in the era of high-throughput assays and genome editing.
EY Ho, Q Cao, M Gu, RW Chan, Q Wu, M Gerstein, KY Yip (2019). Brief Bioinform 21: 836-850.

Measuring the reproducibility and quality of Hi-C data.
GG Yardmc, H Ozadam, MEG Sauria, O Ursu, KK Yan, T Yang, A Chakraborty, A Kaul, BR Lajoie, F Song, Y Zhan, F Ay, M Gerstein, A Kundaje, Q Li, J Taylor, F Yue, J Dekker, WS Noble (2019). Genome Biol 20: 57.

MicroRNA-dependent regulation of biomechanical genes establishes tissue stiffness homeostasis.
A Moro, TP Driscoll, LC Boraas, W Armero, DM Kasper, N Baeyens, C Jouy, V Mallikarjun, J Swift, SJ Ahn, D Lee, J Zhang, M Gu, M Gerstein, M Schwartz, S Nicoli (2019). Nat Cell Biol 21: 348-358.

Insights into genetics, human biology and disease gleaned from family based genomic studies.
JE Posey, AH O'Donnell-Luria, JX Chong, T Harel, SN Jhangiani, ZH Coban Akdemir, S Buyske, D Pehlivan, CMB Carvalho, S Baxter, N Sobreira, P Liu, N Wu, JA Rosenfeld, S Kumar, D Avramopoulos, JJ White, KF Doheny, PD Witmer, C Boehm, VR Sutton, DM Muzny, E Boerwinkle, M Gunel, DA Nickerson, S Mane, DG MacArthur, RA Gibbs, A Hamosh, RP Lifton, TC Matise, HL Rehm, M Gerstein, MJ Bamshad, D Valle, JR Lupski, Centers for Mendelian Genomics (2019). Genet Med 21: 798-812.

Next-Generation Sequencing to Diagnose Suspected Genetic Disorders.
S Li, MB Gerstein (2019). N Engl J Med 380: 200.

-- 2018 (25) --

Dependent Type Networks: A Probabilistic Logic via the Curry-Howard Correspondence in a System of Probabilistic Dependent Types
J Warrell, MB Gerstein (2018). Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Workshop on Uncertainty in Deep Learning.

Rank Projection Trees for Multilevel Neural Network Interpretation
J Warrell, H Mohsen, MB Gerstein (2018). NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Health.

Revealing the brain's molecular architecture.
PsychENCODE Consortium (2018). Science 362: 1262-1263.

Comprehensive functional genomic resource and integrative model for the human brain.
D Wang, S Liu, J Warrell, H Won, X Shi, FCP Navarro, D Clarke, M Gu, P Emani, YT Yang, M Xu, MJ Gandal, S Lou, J Zhang, JJ Park, C Yan, SK Rhie, K Manakongtreecheep, H Zhou, A Nathan, M Peters, E Mattei, D Fitzgerald, T Brunetti, J Moore, Y Jiang, K Girdhar, GE Hoffman, S Kalayci, ZH Gumus, GE Crawford, PsychENCODE Consortium, P Roussos, S Akbarian, AE Jaffe, KP White, Z Weng, N Sestan, DH Geschwind, JA Knowles, MB Gerstein (2018). Science 362.

Transcriptome-wide isoform-level dysregulation in ASD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.
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-- 2006 (31) --

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-- 2004 (31) --

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